Vegetable Gazpacho

Vegetable Gazpacho

By annamueser Published: August 21, 2013

  • Yield: 6




  1. Toss the first 10 ingredients in the pitcher of your blender and run on low until roughly chopped. Turn the machine to high and run until the soup is perfectly smooth and frothy, 2-3 minutes. Check for seasoning and add salt and pepper as needed, as well as a little more vinegar if you want.
  2. Place the hopper in the fridge to chill the soup for at least a couple of hours. For the croutons, take a few slices of day old, rustic bread and cut into dice. Heat a tablespoon of oil over medium heat in a skillet, toss in the cubes of bread and toss the pan to coat them in the oil.
  3. Season with salt and pepper, and cook tossing frequently until golden brown. Remove to a paper towel lined plate to cool when finished. To serve, pull the pitcher from the fridge and process the soup again quickly on medium speed to re-blend the ingredients. Pour into bowls and top with croutons, chopped cilantro and a thin stream of olive oil.