Passport to Cooperstown Begins November 8

 Passport to Cooperstown November 8 – 15

Cooperstown’s Main Street is the heart of our community, but it is much more than the physical space we call Main Street.  We have a wonderful diversity of independent businesses, delicious restaurants and cafes, gift shops, art galleries, souvenir shops, florists, and toy stores that spill off of Main Street up and down Pioneer Street, into Doubleday Court and Pioneer Alley, and along Railroad Avenue.  We invite you to discover the world of shopping locally – For every purchase you make in the participating businesses listed on the map, you’ll receive a stamp in your ‘Passport.’  When you’ve collected ten stamps, head over to the Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce to receive a complimentary bag of apples, straight from the trees at Middlefield Orchards!   So, grab a cup of coffee, have a leisurely lunch, savor a glass of wine, pick up some souvenirs or start your holiday shopping early, and take home a taste of Cooperstown!

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