Community Pulls Together to Make First Glimmerglass Film Days a Big Success!

Thanks to everyone in the community, Glimmerglass Film Days was a huge success! Virtually every performance was sold out and the audiences were entranced and provoked as we had hoped.  And for those who have ever wondered what it is that Otsego 2000 is FOR, well this weekend should have answered that question once and for all: We are for our community!

Our leader Henry S.F. Cooper served as Honorary Chairman, for which we are most grateful.

The eight films and two live film programs were brilliantly developed and organized in record time by the Advisory Committee of Glimmerglass Film Days, who pooled their talents to pull off a spectacular debut! For her leadership and brilliant vision we are indebted to Peggy Parsons, head of the film program at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC; for superbly executed operations and administration, we are indebted to Ellen Pope; for giving Glimmerglass Film Days a striking and distinctive look, thanks to Larry Bennett and Anna Mueser; for their expertise in producing sophisticated live events, thanks to Kate Roth Knull and Sydney Waller; for support, including serving as the expert on the Otsego Land Trust’s hugely popular migration and climate change hike, Pat Szarpa, Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce.

Our gratitude too to Xander Moffat for serving as the Film Days projectionist; Megan Irving, for social media marketing; and Lucy Townsend, for great meals throughout the weekend.

Our special thanks go to the international filmmakers who came to our Village to present their films; to the generous local business sponsors; to the partners and presenting venues:  The National Baseball Hall of Fame, Fenimore Museum, Templeton Hall, the First Presbyterian Church, Smithy Center for the Arts, and the Cooperstown Distillery; to Village Mayor Jeff Katz, who welcomed attendees at opening night, and to the Cooperstown Graduate Program, whose students staffed all events.  And our gratitude also goes to Phil Leinhart and Marc Kingsley for organizing a bike ride around the lake; and to Jessie Ravage for leading the highly informative Cooper Landscape hike. All contributed to the sense of the breadth and imagination of our resources.

In celebration of all that was accomplished, and looking forward to next year, we thank you all.

Nicole Dillingham

President, Board of Directors, Otsego 2000