Otsego 2000 Comments: US Coast Guard Proposes to Allow Frack Waste Hauling by Barge

Otsego lake, Glimmerglass lake, Susquehanna river headwatersOn November 27th, Otsego 2000 filed strongly worded comments in opposition to the US Coast Guard’s proposed Policy Letter that, if approved, would allow the transport of toxic and radioactive shale gas extraction wastewater by barge on navigable US waterways, potentially including the Great Lakes, the Hudson River (a National Heritage Corridor), Susquehanna River, Ohio River, Erie Canal (a National Heritage Corridor), as well as coastal waters.  Using the mechanism of a Policy Letter to impose regulations, rather than the actual regulatory process, means that the Coast Guard can forgo the normal requirements of an environmental impact assessment, a dangerous precedent to set.

Read the full comments: Otsego 2000 Comments in Opposition to Coast Guard’s Proposed Policy Letter on Carriage of Conditionally Permitted Shale Gas Extraction Waste Water in Bulk.