New Year, New Manager!

Meet your new Market Manager! 

Shannon Kirch
Favorite Veggie: Butternut Squash
Favorite Fruit: Elderberry
Favorite Farm Animal: Ducks
Favorite Saying: “Cultivate your bliss.”
     After moving to a new state every 6 months (or less) for the last 4 years, I decided it was time to stay in one place. I have lived in almost every region of the United States, but I chose Otsego County to be close to family. It has been the most pleasant surprise to find such an active, involved, and enthusiastic community here. You see, with all of the moving, I never really got involved anywhere else. To be honest, I was never really worried about it, but then I started farming. Farming taught me, literally and figuratively, the importance of putting down roots. It also taught me quite a few other things, and it is why I am here today.
     At one point I began feeling very overwhelmed by how much is wrong with our world. I finally realized you can’t worry about the whole world. Just “be the change you wish to see” as Gandhi would say. One of the biggest changes I wish to see is a restructuring of mainstream agriculture and our food system. Everyone has to eat, yet only 1% of us farm. That means very few of us truly understand what it takes to put food on our plates, what it takes to survive. Honestly, that’s a little scary. It’s also scary that so much of our food comes from so far away. A lot can go wrong when a potato travels 1500 miles. What happens if that potato never gets here?
     So this is me, a farm and food lover encouraging you to join me in learning about and supporting our local food system. We have some phenomenal farmers and food processors with some big ideas, but they won’t keep growing it or making it unless we prove to them that we want it. I want to know where my food comes from, how it was grown, how it was killed, and what makes it fresh and nourishing. I want to shake the hands of my farmers and thank them for feeding me. If you agree, come to the market, meet your farmers, tell your friends, and watch for these newsletters to help you know your food!
Coming up this month:
*Grilled Cheese for a Good Cause*
Join us for a night of comfort food appreciation! Grilled cheese, soup, dessert, drinks, and music. What more do you need in the middle of winter? This year all proceeds will benefit the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market!
Sunday, January 29th, 5-8 PM
101 Main Street, Pioneer Alley
Product of the Month:
*Frozen Fruits and Veggies*
Gaia’s Breath Farm
How do you eat locally year round? Preserve the harvest! Luckily, Gaia’s Breath Farm has already done it for you. Visit them at the market every Saturday this winter and look for the cooler filled with a wide variety of frozen produce straight from their fields!
Reminder: Winter Hours are in effect.
10am – 2pm