Help Preserve Hickory Grove

Hickory Grove Inn, circa 2007

Neighbors Take Legal Action to Preserve Hickory Grove Inn — Please Help!

Located on the west side of Lake Otsego, on State Highway 80, the Hickory Grove Inn anchors a small scale residential community and deserves to be protected from the destruction of the Inn’s historic architectural integrity. Current owners plan to drastically alter the Inn’s appearance while turning it into a 21-suite hotel (up to 100 overnight guests) with a 68-seat restaurant/bar. This represents an exponential increase in the intensity of use of this building, including vehicular and pedestrian traffic and noise.

Hickory Grove Inn, 2016, photo courtesy of The Daily Star

Otsego 2000 is committed to protecting and preserving our historic landmarks and the neighborhoods surrounding them, and since this project was first introduced in 2012, we have been working with the Hickory Grove neighbors to oppose this destruction of one of

the iconic buildings of the Glimmerglass National Register Historic District. Neighbors have now engaged a law firm to take legal action against the Town of Otsego Planning Board to stop this building from being further destroyed and to protect the neighborhood’s quiet character, but they cannot do this alone. Otsego 2000 has pledged assistance, and we need your help too. Please click here to make a donation, and be sure to write Preserve Hickory Grove in the comments. 

For more detail on the situation, please read the Letter from the Hickory Grove Neighbors.