REDC Rejects Oneonta Gas Plant Proposal

 December 18, 2018: Lieutenant Governor Hochul announced the latest round of Regional Economic Development awards, and Otsego 2000 was heartened to see that the Otsego County Industrial Development Agency’s ill-considered proposal for a $17.5 million gas plant in the Town of Oneonta was not accepted. This project, proposed by the IDA without consulting either the Town or the City of Oneonta governments or the populations in close proximity to the proposed site, was rife with errors and wildly inaccurate financial assumptions and never should have seen the light of day. Otsego 2000 stands with the Concerned Citizens of Oneonta in rejecting further dependence on and expansion of fossil fuels, and encourages the IDA and the County to develop a comprehensive energy plan centered on energy efficiency, conservation, and the development of renewable energy sources for the good of our region’s future.