Board and Staff

family farm, town of Middlefield

Otsego 2000 Board Members

Henry S. F. Cooper, Jr., Chairman Cooperstown
Nicole Dillingham, President Springfield Center
Kent Barwick, Vice President Cherry Valley
Lin Vincent, Treasurer Cooperstown
Kim Jastremski, Secretary Middlefield
Scottie Baker Fly Creek
Larry Bennett Middlefield
James Dalton, MD Fly Creek
Robert Hanft Cooperstown
Richmond Hulse, Sr. Cooperstown
Julie Huntsman, DVM Fly Creek
David Hutchison Oneonta
Susan J. Huxtable West Winfield
James LaCava, MD Cooperstown
Hugh MacDougall Cooperstown
Chad McEvoy Westford
Bradley Goodyear Smith Springfield Center
Sydney Waller Middlefield
Deborah Windecker Frankfort

Otsego 2000 Staff Members

Ellen Pope
Executive Director

Lyn Weir
Cooperstown Farmers’ Market and Agriculture Program Manager

Susan Jastremski-Pastor
Program Assistant