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Thank you for your interest in the Cooperstown Farmers’ Market. Below you will find the following information:

  • 2014 Season Summary
  • 2015 Application Process

2014 Season Summary:
Overall, 2014 was a busy year! Agricultural products include meat and poultry of every cut – fresh, smoked, dry-cured, and much of it organically grown. We had beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison, goat, and rabbit as well as chicken, duck, turkey, a wide variety of excellent sausages as well as pond-raised striped bass. From the dairies we have many goat and cow’s milk cheeses, and yogurt. Fresh seasonal produce includes a diverse selection of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, and cultivated mushrooms. There are maple products, vinegar, honey, elderberry honey elixir and cider. We also have preserved items like pickles, salsa, pesto, sauerkraut, mustard, jams and jellies, and frozen vegetables.  And of course, we have home-baked pies, scones, cookies, organic bread, and chocolates, too with dietary specialties for gluten free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegetarians, and vegans. House plants, garden starts, and fresh cut flowers round out the offering. Artisans with hand-made soaps, herbal lotions, candles, pottery, barn quilts, and aprons. Fiber farmers have knitting supplies, knitwear, and hand-spun yarn. Also offered at the market is an assortment of ladies’, children’s, and doll’s apparel, accessories, and more.

There are opportunities at the market for unique local products. Saturdays Markets have room for part-time positions throughout the year and there is room for growth at the Tuesday Markets, 12:00-5:00, July and August. We are actively recruiting for new part-time vendors with winter crops, sprouts, dried beans, and grains as well as a basket weaver, a potter and a blacksmith. We are also interested in exploring local services like mending, repairing, knife sharpening, that sort of thing. If you offer a service, and live within a fifty mile radius of the market, come talk to us.

2015 Application Process

Each year all vendors must submit an application and all necessary related materials by the deadline. This year the deadline is FEBRUARY 28, 2015.

Only if a specific market need arises will applications be considered after the published deadline. Once submitted, the applications are reviewed for completeness of information. All complete applications will then be referred to the Vendor Selection Committee for review and to identify and resolve any product saturation considerations. All new vendors and new products will be juried in March to ensure high quality and product diversity in the market. Applicants can expect to receive a confirmation letter five business days after their product is juried. All business information will be kept confidential. The committee is made up of six full-time vendors, the market manager, and a representative of the Otsego 2000 board.

The 2015 Market Season Schedule:

The market operates year-round, rain or shine for a total number of 60 markets.
The market will be open every Saturday with the exception of the April 25.
From May 2015 through August 2015 the hours of operation are 8:00-2:00.
From September through December the hours are 9:00-2:00.
From January 2016 until April 18, 2016 the hours are 10:00-2:00.
Tuesday Markets will be open the months of July and August from 12:00-5:00.

How To Apply:

To begin, it is recommended that you read following:

Insurance Options
Market Rules and Regulations
Inspection Agreement
Vendor Permit Requirements

A complete application package will include the following:

  1. Completed Application Form and a non-refundable check for $25
  2. Signed Inspection Agreement
  3. Copies of all applicable NYS permits, licenses and certificates
  4. Proof of Liability Insurance or a check for the Otsego 2000 insurance
  5. Completed PRODUCT plan for all vendors.
  6. For a first-time applicant, photos of display, products, booth signage and, or brochure

2015 Management Team

The Market Governing Committee meets:
Tuesday, March 3 from 9am-11am in the Otsego2000 Conference Room.
Tuesday, June 2 from 9am-11am in the Otsego2000 Conference Room.
Tuesday, September 8 from 9am-11am in the Otsego2000 Conference Room.
Tuesday, December 1 from 9am-11am in the Otsego2000 Conference Room.

Participants include:
Otsego 2000 Sponsor Representatives:
Deb Windecker, Market Liaison, Otsego 2000 Advisory Board
Ellen Pope, Executive Director, Otsego 2000, non-voting member
Lyn Weir, Cooperstown Farmers Market Manager, Otsego2000
Cooperstown Farmers’ Market Vendor Representatives:

Meg Kennedy, ARK Floral (2016)
Gregory Meyding, Summer’s End Orchard (2015)
Lynn Deichman, Glimmerglass Alpacas (2016)
Ilyssa Berg, Painted Goat Farm (2016)
Leslie Berliant, Le Marais Chocolat (2016)
Vendor Representative Alternates:
Brian Ryther, Mill Hollow Maple (2015)
Seth Heller, Heller’s Farm (2016)

The Vendor Selection Committee: Meetings scheduled as needed in March and April
Deb Windecker, Market Liaison, Otsego 2000 Advisory Board
Chairperson: Meg Kennedy, ARK Floral (2016)
Produce:  Laura Heller, Heller’s Farm (2016)
Meat:  Sonia Sola, Nectar Hills Farm (2016)
Cheese:  Ilyssa Berg, Painted Goat Farm (2017)
Crafter:  Molly Holtje (2017)
Baker/Food Processor: Mark Santoro (2015)
Lyn Weir, Market Manager, 607.547.6195 or

Three-year terms run to the end of the year noted after the name. Candidates are recruited in early December, ballots are distributed 30 days before the annual meeting. Open seats are filled at the Annual Meeting in January with the first scheduled meetings in March.