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XNG’s ‘Virtual Pipeline’

Truck Transport of Compressed Natural Gas Through Otsego County

In January 2017, XNG began transporting compressed natural gas by truck from gas fields in Pennsylvania, through Otsego County, to feed into the Iroquois Pipeline at the Manheim compressor station near Little Falls, which was ostensibly only to be used for distribution of natural gas to local customers.

Otsego 2000 raised its concerns, and the concerns of residents along the truck route, in identical letters mailed to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Comptroller Robert DiNapoli, PSC Secretary Kathleen Burgess, DOT Commissioner Matthew Driscoll, and DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. We encourage everyone concerned about this disturbing circumventing of New York’s environmental review process to contact your representatives and elected officials to protest.

Click on the link below to see the template for your letter to send to Attorney General Barbara Underwood.

MVK signDominion New Market Project

Otsego 2000 has joined a coalition of environmental and citizens organizations from across New York to strongly object to the release of a woefully inadequate Environmental Assessment (EA) by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that supports expansion of a gas pipeline owned by Dominion Transmission Inc.

Dominion’s proposed “New Market Project,” would expand its 50-year old, 200-mile long pipeline through New York to carry more fracked gas from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

If approved, the project would impact multiple locations across New York and would include the construction of two new large compressor stations in Madison and Chemung counties as well as a massive expansion of a third compressor station at Brookman Corners in Montgomery County, collectively pumping more than 200,000 tons of additional greenhouse gases and hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere each year. The project would also expose communities along the entire corridor to greater risks associated with pipeline leakage and rupture. 

The market for much of the gas would not be in New York or the United States but in Canada, as a major component of Dominion’s proposal is the installation of reciprocating compressors to move gas onto the Iroquois Pipeline. That pipeline presently carries gas downstate. However, with its announced “South-to-North” (SoNo) project, the Iroquois line would be reversed. When that happens, three quarters of Dominion’s New Market Project gas will be exported to Canada—a fact completely ignored in FERC’s review

Otsego 2000 Petition for Review of FERC Denial

Article 78 Against the Town of Minden

Documents related to the Article 78 proceeding filed by Otsego 2000, Mohawk Valley Keeper, John Valentine and Maryann Valentine against the Town of Minden, 9/29/2016:

Resources and Comments on DNMP Expansion

NYSDEC issued Air State Facility Permits on 12/23/2016

Comments submitted to the NYSDEC on Dominion New Market Project Air State Facility Permits, 9/12/16

Comments on FERC’s Environmental Assessment (EA) of DNMP, issued 10/20/15

Comments on DNMP Application:

For the County, Town, and Village resolutions adopted in the Mohawk Valley/Leatherstocking region calling for emission-reducing improvements on the proposed compressor station expansion at Brookman Corners, click here.

Information on Industry Technologies:

Vent Capture Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry, Spartan Controls.

stop the pipeline logoWhy Do We Care About the Constitution Pipeline?

The Constitution Pipeline is a joint venture between Williams and Cabot Oil and Gas.  As proposed, it would run 121 miles from Susquehanna County, PA to Schoharie County, NY.  The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission (FERC) has not yet approved the project or granted eminent domain to it, but Williams and Cabot must first demonstrate to FERC that the project is not only “in the public interest” but that it is also a public “necessity” without which customers in the Northeast region will be deprived of essential energy supplies.

With the establishment of the Constitution Pipeline the door is opened for hydrofracking and for any number of compressor stations along the route, significantly threatening the rural character of our communities and putting our public health a risk.

Local group STOP THE PIPELINE asks for comments to be submitted to the FERC as soon as possible.  See their website for more information about comments and about the proposed pipeline.

Resources and Comments on the Constitution Pipeline