Gas Drilling

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Since 2008, Otsego 2000 has been waging a campaign to educate state and local leaders as well as citizens on the many adverse and irreversible impacts that this method of natural gas drilling can have on our region. Otsego 2000 feels strongly that the draft New York DEC guidelines governing horizontal hydraulic fracturing of natural gas wells in Otsego County and elsewhere in New York pose unacceptable risks to our water, environment, agriculture, and infrastructure. They fail to safeguard our drinking water supplies, don’t take into account considerable seismic activity in our region, don’t protect the fragile historic and cultural resources and rural agricultural landscapes, and don’t provide the necessary resources to local and county governments to protect existing infrastructure from the onslaught of heavy truck traffic, upgrade emergency response training, or effectively treat and dispose of wastewater. Most alarmingly, there has been no comprehensive study of the cumulative impacts of shale gas extraction on the environment, or on human and animal health. Until such data are available, and until shale gas extraction can be proven harmless to the environment and human and animal health, Otsego 2000 supports a ban on hydraulic fracturing in New York State.

Otsego 2000 administers the site Otsego Advocacy on behalf of the Coalition of Citizens Against Unsafe Drilling.  The site outlines how to take action in your community, with clear step-by-step guides as well as a comprehensive list of resources.