Awards Program

cemeteryCall for Nominations for 2015 Historic Preservation Awards

***Nominations due March 31, 2016***

Since 1999, Otsego 2000 has sponsored the annual Historic Preservation Awards for Otsego and Schoharie Counties. These awards recognize individuals and groups who have committed themselves to preserving our regional historic sites, landscapes and communities for future use and enjoyment. An independent jury of preservation experts reviews nominations for their commitment to preserving our architectural heritage and cultural landscapes. Download the nomination form here.

Nominations for the historic preservation awards will be considered in the following categories:

Cornerstone Award: For a project that promotes a preservation ethic through the maintenance, repair, or adaptive reuse of a historic building or landscape. Cornerstone projects need not be large in scale; rather they are the foundational projects that preserve historic character and integrity piece by piece.  

Community Pillar Award: A business, government, or other organization that has demonstrated responsible stewardship of, and a commitment to, the historic integrity of a building, landscape, or streetscape.

Renaissance Award: For revitalizing a building or landscape while keeping or renewing its historic character. Properties receiving this award are not only improved in their own right, but provide benefits to the neighborhood or community.

Fieldstone Award: For the historic rehabilitation or adaptive re-use of agricultural buildings, such as barns, milkhouses, smokehouses, or corn  cribs.

Preservation Advocate Award: An individual or group who encourages and participates in preservation opportunities for the benefit of the community.

Education and Outreach Award: For a project such as an educational publication, history exhibit or program, or interpretative signage. Projects nominated in this category must demonstrate that they further historic preservation goals or objectives.

Nominated projects must have been completed in the past five years. Nominators are encouraged to call Otsego 2000 to review their nominations and ensure their eligibility. Awardees will be honored at a ceremony in May, in conjunction with National Historic Preservation Month. The diverse group of award recipients over the years, including individuals with a life-long passion for preservation, educational programs developed by school groups, rehabilitation-focused homeowners and many other special projects, reflects the value our community places on preserving our region’s past for the enjoyment of all – this is our way to say thank you!