Otsego Regional Cycling Advocates

Otsego Regional Cycling Advocates (ORCA) is a committee of Otsego Outdoors. ORCA’s mission is to promote cycling (and walking) as an enjoyable, safe, healthy, environmentally-friendly activity for people of all ages and abilities.

ORCA, as a local bicycling advocacy group, affiliates with state and national bicycling advocacy groups bringing the power of these larger organizations to the Main Streets of our local communities.

It is our belief that success in our mission benefits all residents of the region, including non-cyclists. ORCA promotes the implementation of “Complete Streets”, which proposes that when roadways are improved, the improvements take into consideration the safety needs of all users, including motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, the disabled, the elderly, and transit users. Providing complete streets for all is truly an example of “if you build it (correctly), they will come”, (and use it correctly).

ORCA supports the idea of “Safe Routes to School”, a program which facilitates cycling and walking to school as a healthy activity for the children of our region in a time of increasing childhood obesity and diabetes, and in a culture which has become more sedentary. The first “Bike to School Day” in Cooperstown/Otsego County was in 2009. You can visit this link to learn more about “Bike to School Day”.

ORCA promotes cycling for commuting to work and to perform errands around town. More trips by bicycle translate into fewer trips by car which then decreases environmentally harmful gasoline emissions, saves money, improves air quality for all and frees up limited parking spaces for motorists, not to mention the health benefits for the rider!

ORCA promotes the establishment of Cooperstown and the Otsego Region as a tourist destination for cyclists, which encourages “Green Tourism” and brings more tourism dollars to our communities. ORCA will work toward the goal of having Cooperstown and the Otsego Region designated as a prestigious “Bicycle Friendly Community (Region)” by the League of American Bicyclists.

ORCA intends to organize cycling events for families and for cyclists of all ages and abilities, thereby promoting cycling as an enjoyable activity for everyone.



There is no scheduled “Ride-On” for 2019 at this time.


Past Event:
Our  2018 Ride-On Event  will be September 9th.  Registration is $30 per rider; click here to register online.

Click here to register for the free 3-mile “Family Ride”.

62 mile ride  – Start Time 9:00 am
32 mile ride – Start Time 10:00am
13 mile ride – Start Time 11:00am
3 mile “Family” ride – Start Time 12:00pm
(Click on each ride name to view a map of the route)