Environmental Stewardship

Queen Anne’s Lace, morning, Johnston Road, Fly Creek
Otsego 2000 has always viewed our environment as highly interconnected and interactive; agriculture, economics, land-use planning, town planning, and historic or cultural preservation all contribute to the environment and must be addressed in dealing with challenges to the environment. While we believe growth and change are both desirable and inevitable, our task is to try to guide our environment – which includes not only Otsego Lake, but also the local towns, villages, hamlets, streets, and highways – along what we hope are more intelligent pathways. While Otsego Lake is the centerpiece, we are just as concerned with its surroundings, natural and human. All are inseparable. Otsego 2000’s environmental stewardship work focuses on protecting the Otsego region’s rural and agricultural landscapes from inappropriate development, sprawl, and large-scale industrialization that would negatively affect air, water, and soil quality, as well as disrupt its rural, agricultural character and quality of life.